Music Bands Versatility During Events

Music bands usually have a specific genre where they are good at. But in these times of heavy competition, knowing one genre of music is not enough. We love rock and became very good at this genre, but as we become exposed to events, we realized that we need to be versatile in our music.

Private Functions Would Stretch Your Abilities as a Musician

One of the hardest events to pull off is the private functions. Based on experience, private functions are held for corporate events. There is a great diversity in the crowd. Some guest would request rock, classical music, jazz, and the list goes on. The first event we took on for a private function almost became dire because we were not versatile at that time. We took this as a challenge. And whenever we are asking ourselves what to do in Amsterdam, the answer is always practice, practice, practice.


Being Up-to-Date with The Latest Songs

Another thing that will always come up to your request list is a new song. If you want to be a band that specializes in events, you need to learn how to play new songs. It’s a good thing that every member of our band plays by ear. We don’t rely on music sheets. We’ve been practicing for so long that we already know which key to go for. Every time we get booking and need to stay in  Amsterdam cheap hotels, we browse for new songs. We want to make sure that we are ready to play them before the event.

Insert Your Personal Style

There are songs that are difficult to play, especially the ones with high notes. The remedy to the situation is knowing how to insert your own personal style in the song. We proved this theory when we were at the Amsterdam canal bus roundtrip tour. The crowd is so diverse and requested songs that were really difficult to play. We were able to play each song with our personal style making it not too obvious that notes were too high we cannot reach them.